We Can Hang It!

We sell most major brands, or you can purchase the TVs, ceiling fans or light fixtures elsewhere and we can install them for you. Just contact our office, answer a few questions about the equipment, and we can give you an installation quote. We have a staff of highly trained technicians who are qualified to answer any questions and meet your installation needs.

SecurePro is also a direct dealer for many major brand TV.s. and wall mounts. We specialize in providing customers with competitive pricing, answers and solutions for their technology and entertainment needs. Our specialized technicians will conceal the wiring within your wall to make your installation clean and beautiful.

Secure Pro holds a state EC license and is qualified to install any of your fans and lights to your existing connections.  With ceiling fans strategically located in rooms of your home where you spend a lot of time,  you can turn the thermostat up to save money without sacrificing comfort. We even install outdoor fans and lighting fixtures, so you can fully enjoy your outdoor living space.

Contact us today for a free quote and ask about all the hanging services we offer.